Wakkanai Kouwanshisetsu Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly operates shipbuilding and repair businesses in Wakkanai City, the northernmost part of Japan.

We have set up three upper cranes for shipbuilding and repair of vessels less than 500 tons, and have installed 4,000-ton dry docks and floating docks that have a capacity of about 20 ships and can handle large ferries, meeting the expectations of our customers. By the way, as a port closest to Sakhalin, in recent years, we have been repairing and renovating large work boats engaged in the development of Sakhalin oil and gas resources, and have a reputation for high-level technology. In addition, in the onshore division, in addition to large tanks and pressure vessels, chemical machinery, power plants, large steel construction, etc., we also carry out inspection equipment for heavy vehicles, and their achievements are being evaluated.

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Wakkanai Kouwanshisetsu Co., Ltd.Representative Director and President Seiichi Kazenashi

Wakkanai Kouwanshisetsu Co., Ltd.Representative Director and PresidentSeiichi Kazenashi

Top Management defines our quality policy as follows.

By effectively operating our quality management system, we will provide products that meet customer needs and expectations, laws and regulations, and earn the trust of customers We will make continuous improvements and contribute to the local community and aim for sustainable development.

Specific activities

  • Continuous improvement and improvement of customer satisfaction

    Satisfies customer requirements and, in addition to conforming to the requirements stipulated by the Company and international standards, continuously improves the effectiveness of the quality management system and works to improve customer satisfaction by improving quality performance. .

  • Compliance with laws and regulations

    Familiarize with and comply with applicable laws, regulations and requirements related to the design and construction of steel structures.

  • Policy initiatives

    In order to specifically promote this quality policy, we will set quality targets and periodically evaluate and review the achievements.

  • Education and training

    This quality policy is understood by all employees who work for us and the factors that work for us, and we periodically evaluate and review our achievements.

  • Disclosure of policy

    This quality policy will be disclosed externally through our website.

Company name
Wakkanai Kouwanshisetsu Co., Ltd.
Street address
97097-0001 1-1-1 Suehiro, Wakkanai-shi, Hokkaido
contact information
TEL:0162-23-2365 / FAX:0162-22-1212
March 17, 1958 (1958)
100 million yen 110,000 shares
[Major shareholders] Development Bank of Japan (40 million yen) Wakkanai City (30 million yen) Local influential people (40 million yen)
Agency business
[Major shareholders] ・Niigata Motor Co., Ltd. ・Daihatsu Diesel
Business description
・Vessel up / down and dock ・Repair and repair of ships and engines ・Ship construction ・Sale, purchase and lease of ships, construction equipment and accessories ・Sale and purchase and lease of used ships, construction equipment and accessories ・salvage ・Marine transportation and port transportation ・Construction work for civil engineering and other construction ・Business of architectural design and construction management ・Steel structure construction ・Construction of steel bridge tank ・Plumbing ・Electrical construction work ・Firefighting facility construction ・Vehicle maintenance ・Machine installation work ・Operation of cargo handling machinery (cranes) ・Manufacture and sales of special vehicles ・Sales and purchase of various machinery and accessories, accessories and parts ・General insurance agency business, warehouse business ・Business incidental to the preceding items
March 17, 1958Founded with capital of 110,000 thousand yen
Business purpose
August 21, 1958Shipbuilding, shipbuilding, iron industry, agency business
Start of business
August 25, 1958Start work in shipbuilding and iron industry
Add business purpose
May 20, 1963Can manufacturing, civil engineering and construction contracting, heavy vehicle maintenance, steel bridges, tank manufacturing
June 08, 1964Contractor registration approval
Sapporo Factory established
November 01, 1966Construction of a factory inside an iron estate, canning, civil engineering, steel bridge, tank production start
August 14, 1967Certified as a heavy vehicle maintenance business (large special vehicles)
Add business item
June 30, 19721,900t dry dock completed February 20, 1975Start salvage business
Sapporo factory closed
January 31, 1985Factory closed, abolished
Sapporo Sales Office
February 01, 1985Sales office opened
Dry dock extension
November 10, 1989Expanded to a total length of 108m, expanded to 3,200t December 06, 1999Expanded to 4,000t dry dock
Floating dock acquisition
September 13, 2005Acquisition of floating dock “Soukai-go”
October 24, 2012 Acquisition of ISO 9001: 2008
(registration number NJQ-333)
Migration authentication
June 19, 2017Transition to ISO 9001: 2015
Free capital reduction
October 20, 2018Reduced capital to 100 million yen free of charge (Transfer from capital to capital surplus due to free capital reduction)
Factory completed
May 28, 2019Hull factory completed
Acquisition of pontoon
Mar 31, 2021Acquisition of leasing vessel “Souwan”
Ownership qualification
Class 1 marine engine mechanic 5 / Class 2 marine engine mechanic 7 1st Class Radio Worker License Marine Special Radio Engineer 1 person Special class 1 small boat operation license 1 person Class 1 small boat pilot 1 person / 2 class small boat pilot 2 people 2nd Class Marine Engineer (Voyage) 1 person・3rd Class Marine Engineer (Voyage) 1 person NDI Magnetic Particle Inspection Inspection Level 2 1 NDI Ultrasonic Testing Level 2 2 people NDI solvent removal flaw detection inspection level 2 5 people 2nd class architect 1st-class structural architect 1st Class Construction Management Engineer 2 / 2nd Class Construction Management Engineer 1 Class 1 steel frame production management engineer 3 people First-class civil engineering construction management engineer: 3 / 2nd Class Civil Engineering Manager Class 1 pipe work construction management engineer 3 people / 2nd Class Pipe Construction Management Engineer 2 people 1st class electrical construction manager Class 1 construction machinery maintenance technician 1 person 2nd Class Construction Accountant 4 Construction steel frame assembly work chief 1 1 architectural steel product inspection engineer
Outdoor storage tank coating management engineer 1 Water pipe construction technician 1 1st class electrical equipment technician 1 person Class 1 electrician 2 people 3rd Class Electricity Chief Engineer 1 Ship electrical equipment manager 1 Chief ship electrician 1 person Ship electrician 2 people Type 2 electrician 1 person Storage battery equipment maintenance 1 person Class 2 welding technology manager WES-8103 1 person International Welding Engineer 1 2nd class auto mechanic 2 people Maritime hoisting work management engineer 2 people 5 crane operators Crane derrick driver 1 2nd class boiler engineer 2 people Oxygen deficiency danger work chief 4 4 hygiene managers Administrative scrivener 1