Wakkanai Kouwanshisetsu Co., Ltd.

In the northernmost sea in Japan,Further development on the sea and landI swear the peace of the people.



Wakkanai Kouwanshisetsu Co., Ltd.
Wakkanai Kouwanshisetsu Co., Ltd.

We, Wakkanai Kouwanshisetsu Co., Ltd., in Wakkanai City, the northernmost part of Japan, have a main business of shipbuilding and repair of ships in the ship sector, We build and repair ships and associated equipment, such as floating docks and tankers. He is also engaged in the repair and renovation of large-scale work vessels for the development of Sakhalin oil and gas resources as the port closest to Sakhalin. The onshore division, which has an M-grade certified factory, also constructs steel frames and tanks for cans and civil engineering. It has received high praise for its high level of technical capabilities and the reliability of construction, and boasts a large number of implementations in Japan and overseas.

To the sea

Equipped with 4,500t floating dock, tank ship, large ferry, Build and repair associated equipment on ships and other facilities. It is recognized for its high level of technology and numerous achievements.

Introduction of Ship Division


Equipped with an M-grade certified steel frame manufacturing factory, From steel structures and tank manufacturing, bridges, building construction and design, It is also responsible for boiler production, electrical work, and repair of heavy vehicles.

Introduction of land division

On earth

Sakhalin Petroleum & Natural Gas Development as the port closest to Sakhalin Participated in related works. Engaged in the development of Sakhalin oil and gas resources We are repairing and remodeling large work boats.

Sakhalin project


In the era of business diversification, we will strive to further streamline management and improve technology, and will contribute to the development of sea and land industries.


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