Ship Division

Equipped with a 4,500-ton floating dock, it will build and repair associated equipment such as tankers, large ferries and ships. It is recognized for its high level of technology and numerous achievements.

Hull section (steel ships and repairs)

For the purpose of building and repairing ships of less than 500t, three buildings and three overhead stands are set up on the 10,000 tsubo site. Up to 20 vessels can be accommodated. In addition to various types of shipbuilding, the company has a track record of repairs, and recently remodels various types of workboats involved in the development of Sakhalin Petroleum Resources, and has a reputation for high-level technology.

Dock section (boat dock and vertical rack)

Constructed a 4,000-ton dry dock with a total length of 108m, a width of 18.5m, and a depth of 5.5m on the Wakkanai-Hokuyo Pier and a dock disguise factory. We are active in repairing various large vessels such as 3,600t type ferry and patrol boat. In addition, three base lines are installed as upper and lower suspension facilities, and it is possible to mount more than 20 small and medium vessels.

Shipbuilding division (manufacturing and repair of diesel engine equipment, marine outfitting and deck machinery)

Mainly repairs of ship owners’ engines, as well as repair of auxiliary equipment. The facilities are equipped with propulsion cutting machines, boring machines, and various machine tools, and meet over 90% of in-pipe demand.

Painting department (ship painting and sandblasting)

During ship repairs, sand blasting and painting work are also performed and have been well received.

Woodworking division (building and repair of medium and small steel ships, wooden ships)

The history of shipbuilding and repair of wooden boats is old, and the construction and repair of small steel boat fishing boats and small tanker vessels have been added to this, and we have built up a steady track record.